Monday, March 28, 2011

All about D!

Sept 1st I was in San Diego visiting my dad while he was here for work. I had a sharp pain in my side and back and decided to get it checked out. I thought maybe it was my appendix or kidney.. Well, I got to Naval Medical Center, San Diego and found out i was 3cm dilated and contracting because of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). So, I was told I couldn't leave and I would be here on bed rest until i deliver.

On 8 Sept I had dilated to 5.5cm and I was again contracting, the contractions stopped and I was to continue bed rest.

On 26 Sept I began having a lot of pressure in what felt like my bladder, I thought I might have had another UTI or the baby's head was down low. I didn't say anything and decided to sleep through it. At 3pm that afternoon I told my nurse of the pain and she had me checked by the doctor and put on the monitor, come to find out i was 6cm fully effaced. So, I went over to Labor and Delivery (L&D) and was put on the monitor that night. At 2am the contractions stopped and I hadn't progressed any so they sent me back to where I was at 0930.

At 1030 my dad had arrived and we visited for a bit, but I was having contractions and the monitor wasn't picking them up. I had extreme pain in my back so I asked for some pain med. I remembered that I didn't want drugs, and that I could do this without them, so I said never mind. Then I had a contraction that went up to 58 and my step mom asked me if I felt it, and i said no.. then at 1155 on the monitor i heard a POP and then felt a lot of fluid. My water broke. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to 8cm.

So back to L&D i went, I was there 5 mins getting set up when they checked me again and I was complete. I wanted to push so bad, but I wanted an epidural. They paged anesthesia but they were in surgery, so, I didn't have any pain medicine. Another 5 mins later the PEDS/NICU team arrived and I could finally start pushing. I pushed through 3 contractions, it was uncomfortable but didn't hurt until his head was half way through, then it just burnt.

He came out screaming and red as can be.. I was so proud of him. His APGARs were 8 & 9 which I guess is pretty good. I got to hold him for a couple mins while I was being stitched up and let me tell you, Ive never felt that feeling before, it was amazing.

Then off to the NICU he went. He was born 27 Sept 2008 at 1234pm 4lbs 8oz 18inches long. He was never put on oxygen and he was doing great. Then he developed apnea, where he forgets to breathe sometime.

After 7 weeks D came home. Home at that time was a room on the hospital grounds called the Fisher House. Without them, I would have been beyond broke trying to find a place to stay for seven weeks. D was sent home on caffeine and a monitor. The next day we drove to Las Vegas (5 hours) and stayed there with my dad for a couple days. My father in law (FIL) flew to LV sick as a dog to help D and I make the journey across the country to Iowa.

Three days later we arrived and settled in.

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