Monday, March 28, 2011

Being a Mom Is My Career Choice

I used to have a job. I was in the Air Force for four years before D was born; I was a Fire Truck Mechanic. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia has made my joints weak and achy, so being a mechanic was no longer possible, that and I wasn't very good at it anyways.

I then worked at a place that helps Mentally Challenged/ Brain Injured individuals be independent. I would help them learn to cook, do laundry, make appointments, and just about everything else that those not affected by these ailments tend to take for granted. I enjoyed my job, but found that spending 200.00 a week, when I made 150.00 a week, for day care was not worth it.

In August 2010 I quit working. I decided staying home with D was where I belonged. I love being home with him. He is learning so many new things, and I love being able to take most of the credit. Of course his favorite show, Super Why, has taught him his letters, his daddy has taught him his body parts, but I got to teach him everything else.

At two and a half he speaks in sentences, knows most common household items, knows body parts, his ABCs, can count to 10, and can ALMOST zip his coat. He has been on an open cup since 18 months. He uses a fork and spoon properly. He amazes me. He was born at 4lbs 8 oz and is now 25 lbs.

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